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  AT&T VOIP Phone system- 5 Year Warranty call 800-292-6605
Ad posted by member 'Phone System Brokers'

 ID#: 1521   Date posted: January 21, 2015;   Expire date: July 13, 2020;            
Type: For Sale  
Brief Description: Looking for a top of the line business phone system? Check out the AT&T Synapse system!!  
More Details:  AT&T VOIP Phone system- with a 5 Year Warranty

Looking for a top of the line business phone system?
Check out the AT&T Synapse system!!

Need a business phone system? Look no further than the ATT Synapse!
This system can suit what every situation you are in! Voice Over IP, Copper Lines, T1 no problem!
It can also support CORDLESS PHONES and Cordless headset that have up to 500 feet of range!

Like everyone that deals technology, you would probably like it to be:


Then take a looks at the AT&T Synapse!
Of course, like any good phone system, Synapse also has all of the standard features you would expect:
-call forward
-call transfer
-system and user phone books
-call waiting
-caller ID history and redial
-volume control
-do not disturb
-and plenty of programmable buttons for one touch access to features.

Not to mention all the other bells and whistles you would expect from this professional phone system. What's even better is that all of these features are built into a phone that is very stylish, with big buttons and an easy-to-read large backlit display.

Synapse is the perfect phone system for that small but growing business. Not too small to be easily outgrown, but similarly, not too big to be intimidating or overwhelming, Synapse is, in that 'just right' Goldilocks' zone , effortlessly and intuitively supporting any business

Maybe my favorite part of Synapse is its flexibility; it is so easy to expand. You can add inexpensive Synapse cordless handsets or cordless headsets to any extension. These cordless accessories can roam up to 500 feet and provide hands-free talk time up to Twelve hours. My cell phone doesnt even get Twelve hours of talk time!

So really, Synapse by AT&T seems to have it all for the Small to Medium Business, and that is important, especially in this flooded business phone market, full of half thought out products. You need a phone system that is easy to use and can grow with your business. That's Synapse. It can support up to 100 users just by adding phones. No other equipment or licenses are necessary to upgrade, plus it has sophisticated PBX functionality, the phones are intuitive, sturdy and attractive, and the whole thing is incredibly affordable. Oh and don't forget it's all backed by an industry leading two-year warranty plus three-year extended warranty options.  
Contact Name: --  
Contact Phone: 800-292-6605  

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